Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The Duke

Your typical gastropub, with emphasis on the gastro rather than the pub.
Getting our first round in, we were quick to note that the prices were rather steep, with some beers and ciders costing more than a Tesco Value Toaster (welcome to the world of increased duty).
We sat down at a table over by the front window and quickly became aware of a strange 'vibrating sensation' coming from the floor. For the couple of hours we were there it was nothing more than a light massage, but I reckon if you were there for the whole afternoon, you'd probably go numb from the waist down and have to drag yourself out the door using only your fingernails.
Overlooking the gastro there's an evangelical church, where dozens of cloned, little old ladies looking for redemption were hobbling out onto the streets during over the course of the evening.
To divert attention away from the hypnotising flow of grannies, I thought I'd try one of the £3 non-alcoholic cocktails, Mint Zinc I think it was called. It took 10 minutes to make and consisted of lumps of cucumber, sliced lime and crushed mint in a glass of ice. Perfect... if you want a face like a bulldog licking acid off a thistle.

I was late this evening so the guys had already had their first round in before I arrived. Quite a modern looking place with big wooden tables and chairs but still reasonably comfortable. There really wasn’t much to comment on this evening that Alex hasn’t already mentioned, maybe it was because 2 out of 3 of us were drinking for once (I drove), or maybe just the uneventful atmosphere in the bar, Alex’s weird concoction of a drink with, what I can only describe as a stinging nettle in it was the highlight of the evening. We left way before our usual departure time (which is usually when time is called or after) and believe the place was probably still open when I got home that evening, just wasn’t too much keeping us there unfortunately!

Pub facilities / features:

Food served
Bar Snacks
Real Ale (Tea / Cornish)
Wine Menu

Pint of Tea, orange juice & lemonade, orange Juice :

Alex - 6.3
Andrew - 5.3
Oliver - 6.0

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