Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Shakespeare

A mile out of town, next to Sainsbury's. Apparently this little pub attracts very little business apart from Fridays when they have karaoke on, woo(!)
When we arrived the barmaid was gossiping to her friend on phone and very surprised she had some customers, she kindly finished her call gave us some drinks and put on some music.
We soon learnt there was a another patron in the garden at the back. Not a regular, just some strange middle-aged business woman who had been drinking wine since work closed. It was quite clear how drunk she was when she shouted the name of the current song before ordering another drink; "Staying Alive, get me another drink!!". Twenty minutes later she said her goodbyes and proceeded to take her car keys out of her handbag. The barmaid offered her cab, but she just slurred "I'll be okay" and staggered out the pub. Never to be seen again, I don't suppose!
We spent the rest of the evening playing pool with some chipped, hexagon like balls.

A small pub on the outskirts of Richmond, this pub is a quiet one, probably in need of some modernisation, but not massively so. We were, as Alex mentions, one of very few others but then being a Tuesday night pubs like this will only usually have their regulars/locals weekdays, however in this case, the location wouldn't suggest a booming trade on the weekends either as its location is only really set up for if you want a late night snack form the 24hr sainsburys on the way home.
Pool table always a plus in my book and we managed a few games, we all noticed a ‘merry’ lady at the bar and it wasn't till she walked out we realised she was holding a set of car keys, one guy look out the door to see if she was walking driving or what but she was long gone.
Cant see myself coming back here without having a good reason but its not somewhere I would avoid, just a bit of an awkward location.

Pub facilities / features:

Real Ale
Pool table
Outside seating
Karaoke (Fridays)
Pint of Fosters, pint of Guinness, J2O:

Alex - 6.2
Andrew - 6.5
Dave - 6.5

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