Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Sun Inn

One for the rugby fans. This pub has so many photos and 'collectors items' that they've had to start nailing them to the ceiling. Looking around, I saw a pair of boots in a glass case allegedly worn by Jonny Wilkinson. If this were true he probably tried them on in a shop, thought they sucked, then the sales assistant eBayed them. There are also some horrifying photo-shopped pictures of someone being rugby tackled whilst smiling, and signed photo of a naked, fat man holding a trophy.
Please make note of The Sun Inn's four commandments (all of which are vocalised and posted throughout):
  • Thou shalt not be served if you stand at the bar 'here'.
  • Thou shalt not be less than 18 years of age to use the cigarette machine (just in case there are any under-age patrons having a pint).
  • Thou must not use the supplied foot pedal to spin the Victorian sewing wheel under the table, replacement is uneconomical.
  • Thou must listen to two classic 80's tracks of equal length at the same time. We care not that the vocal does not fit with the backing.

An interesting place, definitely run by a die hard rugby fan, assuming the owner is the bloke in the pictures that appear to have been made at one of those £1 photo booths you see in shopping centres. Unfortunately the only spare table on arrival felt like the seats were a lot narrower than normal and there was some weird mechanism that appeared to be pedal powered. This seemed to serve no purpose apart from spinning a wheel around, so, naturally after a couple of drinks we tried to see how fast we could get the wheel to go. Alas this fun was short lived as they are apparently expensive to fix you have to wonder why they are put in a position where you will naturally use them, I dread to think what sort of security they would have to employ on a Friday or Saturday (or even a match day).

Pub facilities / features:

Real ale
Outside seating
Kopparberg Pear Cider, orange juice & lemonade, J20, 2x Scamp Fries:

Alex - 5.9
Andrew - 4.5
Dave - 5.1
Oliver - 2.0

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