Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Ye White Hart

The only pub in Barnes where you can actually sit next to the river.  There are three terraces and plenty of seating down on the Thames path to make the most of this.  For those of a thin-skinned nature can also borrow a blanket to wrap themselves in, the sissies.
Each round of drinks we ordered was greeted with with an monotone voice of "hello, how are you" from a barmaid, who said herself she'd been working there too long.  Even asking her to list the dozen crisp flavours didn't seem to stir any passion!
Sitting by the river is quite crowded affair, and if you can ignore the cigarette smoke, insects and rodents scurrying around, you'll find it a good place to watch the world go by and enjoy the evening sunset.

Pub facilities / features:

Food served
Bar snacks
Real ale
Outside seating
Pint of Fosters, pint of Young's Special, J20:

Alex - 7.6
Dave - ?
Oliver - ?

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Ludo Windsor said...

Great blog guys! I'll post on it in mine: Richmond Transits