Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Tree House

Bit of an odd one.  It's certainly not a pub, more of a European restaurant with a bar.  There were a few things that happened during tonight's visit I've subcategorised them...
The Barman
I think he was having a seriously bad day, there were a lot of angry noises upon asking for a glass of orange juice.  He calmed down a bit on later rounds once he started to use cartons rather than bottles.  Still it didn't stop him giving us warm glasses straight from the washing up bowl.
The Toilets
Please note the giant letter on each of the the doors - G for Girls and L for Lads.  If you get that right you'll end up sweating all the water out of your body and scolding yourself on the cold tap.  Graffiti over the doors gives a feeling you're in an awesome crack den.
The Mosquito's
Oh god!  Waking up the next day, itching and covered in 30 bites is our way of saying stay out of the garden or risk a serious case of malaria.
Other Shit
I don't know why there's permanent Xmas lights hanging from the front, or why there was a kids birthday party at 11pm.
Reasonable Things
Good prices for food and drink and the staff (bar the barman) were actually quite friendly.

Pub facilities / features:

Food served
Bar snacks
Outside seating
Bulmers, Orange & Ameretto x2, 1.5 pint coke:

Alex - 5.4
Andrew - ?
Dave - ?
Oliver - ?

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, we have taken on board everything you have discussed in your review. Just to let you know we have recently re-opened, re-furbished and re-staffed... please do visit us again I hope you enjoy it more second time around! Amii (amii@treehousepeople.com)