Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Angel and Crown

This is the place to come if you love your football, not for those with a nervous disposition I may add!
The pub was packed with supporters for the Liverpool vs Madrid game, and even though I don't follow the game, I felt like a proper geezer standing shoulder to shoulder with this lot. The pub literally shook when a goal was scored.
As soon as the game had finished though, we were pretty much the only ones left in here, so we found some comfy seats at the back and chilled out.
Other thing to note were the strange sweating jars behind the bar. Although the labels on them said they contained crisps and sweets, they had certainly fermented into a liquidised jar of goo. Most odd.

This pub was full of men watching the football, and the atmosphere was a good one. Definitely the place to be if football is your thing! I arrived early and despite not being interested in football in the slightest, did not feel unwelcome! We were lucky to find a couple of very comfy sofas near the back and nattered the night away. An enjoyable night and quick service at the bar.

Pub facilities / features:

Outside seating

Bottle of Budweiser, J2O, vodka and lemonade:

Alex - 6.5
Alison - 7.5
Oliver - 8.0

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