Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Shaftesbury Arms

After driving around for 20mins trying to find a non boarded up pub (five off our list have been recently closed up), we gave up and decided to visit the Shaftesbury Arms being as it was close to where we were.
A traditional family run business, with a welcoming atmosphere and friendly bar staff. Looked to have two areas, a bar seating area and a restaurant, which had some lovely looking food.
We had three rounds and a couple of shots. I don't know what it was, but I still felt quite drunk throughout the next day...

I loved the log fire they had going in this pub, and the Thai menu sounded delicious..though I resisted the temptation. Was nice to stumble across a pub that hadn’t been shut down, and I’m glad it wasn’t because this was a lovely evening and a lovely pub.

Well, after the 5th closed down venue on the list (and us being very thankful we went back to the car to head to the next one and avoid the 15 minute walk out of town to the 1st one), we settled at the Shaftesbury Arms.
This is defiantly one of your ‘local pubs’. The landlady seemed to know a number of the customers there but was still happy to pause a conversation to serve us our order. We found a corner, then switched to the other randomly, a continued on with he evening.
The evening was a fairly quiet one with not much happening, apart from Alex deciding on pint for the first time ever.
By the time the landlady very kindly came over to inform us personally that it was last orders we decided to resist the temptation of another round as we had already hit the shots and probably all feared it could be counter-productive, the mild hangover the next day was definite proof of this.
Food from the restaurant half gave off pleasant aromas throughout the evening and may even have been tested had dinner not been had before arriving.

Pub facilities / features:

Food served
Bar Snacks
Real Ale

Pint of Fosters, J2O, pint of Youngs, Smirnoff Ice:

Alex - 7.5
Alison - 8.0
Andrew - 7.3
Oliver - 8.0

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