Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The Bull

Very much aimed at the younger market (mainly 18 year old girls, judging by the running and loud screams coming from the WC), The Bull quite frankly feels seedy and cheap. From it's horrible external brown matt paint, to its tacky internal Christmas lights, it is one I recommend to avoid.
Andrew was already drinking at a small table when Oliver and I arrived. Greeting him with some sci-fi DVD's, he unexpectedly got quite excited and managed to kick his beer off the table.
After choosing from the boringly common selection of lager and bottled beers, we moved away from the beer mess and sat down towards the back (anywhere else just felt like we were on an adult film set). Here we were - trying to get comfortable on cigarette burnt plastic seats in a dark compartment, with the only source of light being a blurry BBC News 24 LCD screen and a candle. Not my idea of a good time.
At around 23:15 a bored barmaid walked over and told us "Can you leave, the place shut twenty minutes ago". Being at the back we downed our drinks and made our way quickly to the door, only to notice people still chatting away and we were the only ones leaving... what's that about!?
The Bull does serve a purpose though, it keeps the riff-raff out of the nice bars.

This is not so much as Pub as more a Club that’s open during the day, and the atmosphere does not change throughout. The seating areas are quite varied, while waiting for the others I was on a sofa with a low height table which was okay until you go to cross your legs and kick your drink over the edge. We relocated at this point to a more of a diner cubicle style area but the issue with this was that they had fit 4 of these into an area the really should have only had 3, this meant that not only was the gap to sit in quite narrow (something I admittedly had an issue with finding a comfortable sitting position in) but sitting opposite someone meant you were practically interlocking legs. While this works probably when talking to the opposite sex on a busy Saturday night, 3 blokes having a quiet drink on a Tuesday proves this is not a good design.

Pub facilities / features:

Bad phone reception
Hospital food smells better
Bar snacks? Forget it.

Pint of Fosters, J2O, pint of Youngs, glass of house red wine:

Alex - 2.0
Andrew - 5.2
Oliver - 5.0

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