Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Britannia

Tiny quaint pub, hidden down a small cobbled alleyway, just off from the high-street. A nice retreat from the packed shops and riverside on weekends. Although it has the charm of a traditional pub, it also sports a large plasma screen for sports and, although we didn't venture up ourselves, a roof garden. They also hold comedy evenings on weekends.
After being quickly served by the friendly barmaid, we settled at the front window. Probably wasn't the best place due to the seating which had collapsed leaving what looked like a trapped animal at one end (the photo doesn't do it justice). I can only imagine it was left like this as a shrine to the worlds longest binge drinking session.
Great little hidden gem, all the little quirks just give it character you'll normally not see in an ordinary pub. Make sure you stay to till closing, one doesn't want to miss the infamous giant green wheelie bin passing through the pub!

A Very nice pub off the beaten track of Richmond, it is found down a small side road. The friendly bar staff were always quick to serve our order and although some of the seating was questionable and chosen by Alex and Ollie before we arrived we were able to spread out and continue quite happily.
Unfortunately passing the pub a mere week and a half later we found that I has since gone into administration, another casualty of the seemingly increasing numbers of bar closures in the area. A sad loss for sure, I'm just glad we got to experience it before it was too late.

Revisit - 23/11/2009
Returning here after refurbishment, gone are the dodgy sofas and sports screens.  In their place there are old people hunched over their pints, animal taxidermy in perspex boxes and some strange aboriginal music.  Someone needs to put a stool in the toilet for people with short legs, it's obvious they can't reach the urinals.
Come last orders I heard an old lady talking to an old man as he was leaving - "Try not to rape anyone on the green tonight dear...".  Ahhh, ain't that sweet.
We did get what was left out of the Amaretto bottle for the price of one measure though, so not all bad.

Pub facilities / features:

Food Served
Real Ale
Wine Menu
Roof Garden

Amaretto & coke, JD & coke, orange juice & lemonade, tonic water:

Alex - 7.4
Andrew - ?
Dave - 6.2
Oliver - 7.0


rob's uncle said...

The pub has been refurbished and reopened. You really must keep up!

Alex said...

Shut it! We 'ave!