Tuesday 2 June 2009

The Fox and Duck

We pulled up in the side road next to the pub, as we had suspicions the our suspension may collapse due the many pot holes in the carpark.
Entering through the back, we were served by a woman so depressed her face was almost dragging along the floor. They only had one ale available here, I don't know if Green King is supposed to taste like it had been passed through half a dozen people, but I can't say I managed to finish it. Stuck to the Guinness after that.
It was too dark to sit inside, and had to make do with sitting next to the main road where we were randomly heckled by passing drivers. It was strange that only started when Andrew turned up :)
Not all negative though, they did have a beautiful white Husky.

This is probably the first pub in Richmond you reach when coming in on the 65 from Kingston, quite handy having a bus stop just outside it, however the only outside seating in here is practically on the pavement on the roadside. This wouldn’t be all that bad if it want a rather busy road with the occasional car full of chavs shouting some incoherent babble to whoever may be on the pavement at the time. The pub seemed to be staffed by woman and a wolf which seemed weird at the time but the level of trade was that they probably could have done without the woman being there.

Pub facilities / features:

One ale
Bar snacks
Main road seating
Gravel pit, aka carpark

J2O, Orange Juice and Lemonade,:

Alex - 5.6
Andrew - 5.3
Oliver - 5.0

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