Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The Lot

Difficult to miss if you're just walking past, The Lot doesn't look like much from the outside. But once you get beyond the concrete entrance and venture inside the pub, you'll find it's bigger than imagined.
From the moment you walk in, it's obvious you'll find no one over the age of 30. It's more of a student union, with discounts offered if you are a student. Coming here on a Tuesday, it was relatively quiet and easy going. I'd be apprehensive coming back on a weekend, as there's a strong possibility it turning to a crèche for lightweight teenagers.
Apart from the wobbly stools (assumed to deter old people with dodgy hips), and the barmaid who gives you a bitter with 1/3 head, it's not a bad place... for a week day drink.

On a personal level, being as this is my first review and first pub attended on Tuesday night pub crawl review weekly, I have to say, unless you were actually looking for this place it would be nearly impossible to find via car, this place is so well hidden it would almost be a contender for the Madeline McCann Hide & Seek championships. Ok, maybe not that hard, but my recently borrowed Garmin Nuvi Ultra sat nav is sometimes about as useful as a three legged blind donkey running the Grand National. Anywhos, back to the review. Being a very studenty bar, it had a very relaxed atmosphere, the service was pretty good, she smiled at me, which is an automatic plus in my books, although many a times I did have to physically point out to her what I wanted. “Can I have a pint of Guinness please?” “erm….cider you say?” “Erm no, that’s Guinness” a typical conversation would go…but she smiled as doing so, so all is forgiven. The retro arcade games, pool tables and jukebox makes for some late night drunken entertainment, although least can be said for its 1950s style sofa, and their overly dangerous stools which could give the leaning tower of Pisa a run for its money. All in all, a quality bar!

Pub facilities / features:

Food served
Bar Snacks
Pool tables
Arcade Machines

Pint of Tetleys, J2O, glass of coke:

Alex - 7.1
Dave - 7.6
Oliver - 8.0

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