Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The Marlborough

From the outside, The Marlborough looks to be your old run-of-the mill local pub. You'll need to venture through it's internals and squeeze though it's rear to realise how big it really is. When we got there, the back-door was bustling with people enjoying a BBQ, but it could have easily accommodated a couple dozen or more masticators.
After enjoying the last of the sunshine in the garden, we moved back inside, just missing out on the Tuesday quiz. Comfortable seating arrangements and friendly staff makes this another good contender if you're wanting to avoid high-street crowds. It gets mighty expensive if you're just ordering soft drinks though.

As I parked the car up and approached the pub, I will be have to admit to being slightly apprehensive by the fact that 2 gentlemen lurking outside the alley 3 buildings away from The Marlborough. Both looked like rejects from a Charles Dickens novel and probably smelt as bad from that era, first impressions always last so with that in mind I thought that this pub is going to be full of sodomites and lecherous old folk who do nowt more than to prey on the young and dribble into their bean filled beards.
So, inside I go looking around for anyone who’s turned up thus far, I walk to the back which was looking more and more like a kitchen… I think I’ve walked too far, a lady approached “there’s more seats out back” she says. Poking my head around the corner I noticed there was a sign saying something about a conference, shouldn’t be here I says to myself (but managed to fight through later) and carry on walking back to the bar thinking I’m the first one here I thought.
I got served by man who bears similarities to a Viz character “16 year old disinterested fish and chip shop girl” except in this case, it was a bloke, obviously! Why did I even have to explain that? I don’t know, let’s crack on shall we? The Marlborough boasts of having one of the biggest backdoor (oh I say?!) gardens of any pub in Richmond (or London, I cant remember) but needless to say, it was pretty huge, very nicely laid out, masses of greenery, although on the personal level, I wouldn’t be too happy in the summer with the amount of insects and other flying creatures this woodland of a garden may attract.
Other than that there isn’t much to complain about in this pub apart from the prices, a little on the steep side, so students, take heed, this one is not for you!

This pub is quite deceptive, looks quite small from the outside but goes on and on and also has, as advertised, the largest beer garden in Richmond. We made the most of this feature and grabbed a seat in the garden and enjoyed a couple of rounds before heading inside where we found a low level table with some square stools to have our final round before heading home. Being so far out of town and nearer the park this is probably more one for the locals or those who are on their way back into town form a day in the park. I know if I am on my way back from the park with friends it will be one of the ones I wouldn’t mind stopping at for a drink or two.

Pub facilities / features:

Food served
Bar snacks
Wine menu
Real Ale
Lots of outside seating

Orange juice, coke, orange juice & lemonade:

Alex - 7.6
Alison - 9.5
Andrew - 7.9
Dave - 6.9

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