Tuesday 7 July 2009

The Old Ship

One of my personal favourites. The welcoming atmosphere, character, friendly staff, choice of beer - it's all here!
An old traditional Young's pub with plenty of old oak and warped window glass right the way round. The slanting floor will inadvertently slide your buttocks off your chair but there's plenty of places to get comfortable around the central bar, with additional seating upstairs. The sports screens are thankfully tucked away and aren't overbearing like in some pubs, there's no thumping music to shout over either.
As an added bonus at the end of a night, you'll often see a random old bearded guy trying to order a beer or 8 bags of crisps. There's being homeless and then there's just being bloody greedy.

One of our regular Richmond pubs we meet up at when not out on the guide, the Old Ship is a traditional pub of two halves, literally. The two halves are fairly identical but adds to a quirkiness of the bar that seems to go down quite well with the regulars, us included. The atmosphere is always welcoming, there is never too long to wait at the bar and the staff have always got a smile on their face when they serve you so this is the ideal venue for an evening get together. Again, this is one of our normal regulars so this is one we will be torturing to for sure.

Pub facilities / features:

Food served
Bar snacks
Real ale
Sport screen
J2O, pint of Youngs Special:

Alex - 8.7
Andrew - 9.2
Dave - 6.5
Oliver - 9.0

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