Tuesday, 14 July 2009

One Paradise Road

Anyone posting to this address probably gets pissed off from having to write out the first line twice.
Just up the road from the cinema, this little 'gastrobar' as I like to call it, was run by two young foreign girls. Although they had no ales on tap, we were pleasantly surprised to find they were offering bottles of London Pride instead.
It was a relatively quiet evening with a group of students in one corner talking about pregnancy and a business man on his Blackberry at the bar, all who left much earlier than we did. It became apparent that we had overstayed our welcome when all the tables and chairs had been stacked, and the barmaids were waiting by the door with their bags over their shoulders. Although, they were still very friendly as they unlocked the door to let us out. Perhaps they don't get many customers who stay past 11pm on a Tuesday.

Pub facilities / features:

Food served
No snacks unless you want a plate of olives.
Real ale
TV Screen

Bottle of London Pride, orange juice, coke:

Alex - 7.7
Dave - 7.2
Oliver - 8.0

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