Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Pitcher and Piano

Right next to Richmond Bridge, this pub/bar has only two indoor tables, the rest of the seating is terraced out the front, although its quite well enclosed should the weather turn sour.
The bar-staff are employed for their facial hair styles and pretentious drink pouring 'skills', after which they will give you back your change on a silver tray, suggesting they should be tipped for doing their job.
It was impressively busy for a Tuesday night but we managed to find a place at the top of the terrace. Unfortunately on our right we had the tenacious smell of cigar smoke from a bald European man, and to our left we had a waft of cigarette smoke from two middle-aged 'birds' sharing a bottle of cheap wine. By 11 O'clock closing, the three of us inhaled enough smoke to power a steam boat down the Thames back home.

Pub facilities / features:

Food served
Wine menu
NO bar snacks
Outside seating

JD & coke, orange, coke:

Alex - 6.1
Dave - 6.5
Oliver - 9.0

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