Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The Orange Tree

Another great Young's pub in Richmond (the other being The Old Ship). It's a beautiful well maintained pub, just how a traditional pub should be without all the stupid, quirky modernistic furnishings you get in the new bars. Plenty of comfortable places to sit and a mixture of young and old customers.
One peculiar thing was the price of a round. Buying exactly the same drinks from a different bartender worked out to be 20 pence more expensive. Not much, but it's still makes you wonder.
Look out for the strange woman who feels she needs to let the whole world know she's leaving the pub. No one wants to see you poking your head back round the front door and shouting back to your friends for the third time. Just get the hell out.

I have often seen this pub with huge crowds outside it on a night out, but oddly enough have never been inside. Inside there were plenty of large sofas and chairs which made for comfortable seating. We sat ourselves at a low level round table surrounded by 4 armchairs and continued with our rounds. Event-wise there was not much to comment on, just us 4 and a handful of others all enjoying a quiet evening drink. The prices do seem to fluctuate on a half hourly basis but apart form that there are no downsides to this place I would happily return here again.

Pub facilities / features:

Food served
Bar snacks
Real ale
Wine menu
Sport screen
Outside seating

Pint of Foster's, J2O, pint of Young's Special, pint of coke:

£10.47 / £10.67
Alex - 8.4
Andrew - 8.5
Dave - 8.2
Oliver - 8.5

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