Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Red Cow

One of the busiest places we’ve come to visit since we’ve started the blog, very much a puller for the locals. From wannabe drunk opera singers, to fat old ladies knitting away in the corner, we were slightly worried we might be sitting at someone’s favourite table when we found somewhere to sit down.
Tuesday night is pub quiz night so we thought we’d have a go. Got half way and gave up, we were that rubbish. I did like the free sandwiches that were going round though.
The three of us stayed late into the night with a few games of dominoes, before going home and removing our pipe and slippers.

1. It was over crowded, 2. It was expensive, 3. The quiz was sh*t, 4. The free sandwiches that were offered were salad based, and the other tables got ham sandwiches, 5. The football sucked.

Pub facilities / features:

Food served
Real ale
Sports screen
Outside seating

Pint of Youngs, J2O, coke:

Alex - 7.5
Dave - 5.3
Oliver - 6.0

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