Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Richmond Arms

Not quite what you’d expected in a pub – a spinning disco ball and flashing coloured lights on a Tuesday. We got our drinks from the very friendly barman and sat down in the corner. Oh look, a leaflet for a gay event at London Zoo, that’s nice. YMCA being played on the TV? That’s just an advert, it could happen anywhere. Hang on… where the hell are all the women in this place? Oh dear, are we where I think we are? Yes, we were.
There was this 68 year old man trying to chat up a bunch of young boys on another table, wondering which one of them was going to take him home. After some persuasion and disturbing conversation, they all left together.
A few handlebar-moustache guys came and went. We played Monopoly on the quiz machine. Two girls did eventually come in, but as usual fantasy is nothing like reality, one was anorexic the other was rather butch.
We left with the barman bidding us ‘loves’ farewell and frustrated we didn’t notice the pink union-jack blowing in the breeze when we went in.

Didn’t quite realise what demographic this pub was aimed at straight away, as Alex mentioned, did not pay much attention to the outside decor when I arrived as I was running a little late. When I got to the pub I found the others and got myself a drink and only after a short while it was evident that we were in a gay pub. To be fair the evidence was clearly obvious if you take only a second to have a look around, especially the pink union jacks, but we’re not prejudice and stayed for the rest of the evening, sampled practically every flavour of crisps that were on offer.
Overall, a nice enough pub but not for me.

Pub facilities / features:

Outside seating
Bar snacks
Disco disco

Pint of Fosters, J2O, pint of Amstell, coke, five bags of crisps:

Alex - 6.9
Andrew - 5.0
Dave - 5.6
Oliver - 5.0

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