Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The White Horse

Dear Mr W. Horse,
Thank you for your hospitality on Tuesday the 3rd. It's not often one gets to witness wonderfully pretentious, middle-class women discuss work, as they consume lettuce with a dainty fork. I never realised how much strife these women had to endure on a daily basis with their clients. It was rather upsetting to listen to.
The wonderful art dotted around your gastro is a sight to behold. My associate summed it up quite poignantly when I asked him what he thought of the Kate Moss picture by the window, bluntly saying - "Shut up, I don't give a sh*t", before continuing to consume his bag of Tesco doughnuts.
Having noticed your website says the staff are both 'fantastic' and 'lovely', I was a little disappointed in the reality. The faces I witnessed were showered with worry and discontent, perhaps someone of working-class calibre had inadvertently stumbled into the place? Worth looking into lest it happens again.
We ordered a few bags of your posh crisps and I must say they do have quite a unique taste. The favour of clay injected into dried frogs pallet is a secret recipe that should remain a secret for generations to come.
I'd like to say I'd come back again, but with you being located on such a ridiculous little road where the majority of cars are actually bigger than the houses, I am regretfully forced to reconsider - for fear of grazing my Bentley, of course.
Yours sincerely,

A very fancy gastropub, basically it looks like someone came to an old traditional pub (as it looks from the outside) and turned it into half fancy restaurant and half after dinner bar. This didn't deter us form sitting on what was clearly a seat in the middle of the restaurant area for our drinks, however once the doughnuts came out we quickly relocated to a sofa area a bit further from the bar. Not to hide the doughnuts, just the sofas came free and looked more comfy.
Overall a very uneventful place and located where it is, it would have probably got more local trade had it remained more ‘pubby’ as it is surrounded by houses, its current layout is more designed for Richmond high street.

Pub facilities / features:

Food served
Bar snacks
Real ale
Outside seating
Carpark of death
2x Amaretto & coke, orange juice & lemonade, J20:

Alex - 4.5
Andrew - 5.2
Dave - 5.0
Oliver - 4.7

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