Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Victoria Inn

This has to be the smallest pub I've ever been to, it was much like intruding in someone's living room at first. There are no distractions from quiz machines or huge plasma screens, and when it gets busy (well, busy as in 15 people), I must say it does get rather cosy.
The barmaid is great, the second time we went up for a round she'd memorised our order from before so all I had to do was give a nod. She got a bit excited when we didn't tell her our glasses were empty though.
Apart from two loud girls by the door, behaving like it they were auditioning for an episode of Sex and the City, it was a jolly good night.
If you're looking for a friendly, traditional, personal pub you can't go wrong here.

Tiny, that pretty much sums it up to be honest. Impressive service form the barmaid, and a really nice atmosphere I would love to come here again, however as there are only 5 or 6 tables in the place there might be a pot luck for entry let alone getting a seat during a mildly busy time.

Pub facilities / features:

Real ale
Bar snacks
Sports screens
Outside seating
Pint of Youngs, pint of Fosters, coke, J20:

Alex - 7.9
Andrew - 8.5
Dave - 8.7
Oliver - ?

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