Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Lass O' Richmond Hill

A big out-of-towner, the Lass still holds it's looks and furnishings of a traditional English pub, but unfortunately that's where the familiarity ends.  Many of the staff are Polish, one that served us had a look about him that if you so much as looked unsatisfied with your order, he'd wait until you left to go home, silently follow you out, then punch your stomach in half and calmly return to the bar as if nothing happened.  The tacky plastic Weatherspoon-style food menus don't do the place any favours either.
Apart from us, there was only about five other people.  Food was advertised to finish at 10pm but probably due to the lack of customers, the chef went home early.  At quarter past 10 we we asked to finish drinking up, no last orders, nothing.  Well rubbish.
A few minutes before we left, we witnessed group of teenagers come in off the street and head over to the cigarette machine.  Not able to get it working, they asked the barman if they could have some change.  Strangely he made a sarcastic joke about them being only 15 before happily handing over the change, even counting loudly in song as each coin was fed into the machine.  Soon after, he came over and explained to us he charges one fag every time he does this, quickly adding "they are my friends".  Wow, that makes it all okay then, carry on Mr Polish guy(!)

Revisit - 09/11/2010
The polish barmen selling kids cigarettes have gone, the place has been refurbished and new owners have moved in.
Being one of the first opening nights there was a pub quiz on to entice the punters.  First prize was a £100 bar tab, second prize a bottle of wine.  Most amazing thing about it?  There were only three teams playing, including us.  Yeah we had a good chance but as luck would have it, we came bloody last as usual.  We did get a pot of nuts as a consolation prize though.

Pub facilities / features:

Food served
Bar snacks
Real ale
Amaretto & coke, coke, J20:

Alex - 7.8 (was 6.5)
Dave - ? (was 4.3)
Oliver - ?


rob's uncle said...

The Lass has been bought by Youngs and relaunched; see: http://www.lassorichmondhill.co.uk/

A return visit is indicated, I think.

rob's uncle said...

Here's what I've just posted to Beerintheevening:

'The Lass, for 40 years an unloved mass market food outlet, has been bought by Young & Co., refurbished and relaunched as an up-market gastropub for the Richmond bourgeoisie, who were there in great numbers at lunch time today [Sunday]. My impressions from a brief visit were entirely favourable: 5 real ales including the local Twickenham Brewery’s excellent Naked Ladies, no music and a large car park.

The main menu is ambitious and expensive but its clientele won’t mind as they can afford it and the prices will keep the riffraff away; there is also a’bar menu’ of pub grub. Details at: http://www.lassorichmondhill.co.uk/ '