Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Naked Turtle

Jazz club... nice. The Naked Turtle has a bar, a restaurant, a lounging areas and even seating outside for the alfresco types. Relaxing and listening to a pianist coupled with a professional singing waitress is quite a unique experience (at least for me). With the friendly table service and subdued lights, it really sets the ambiance of the place to a good standard.
I really enjoyed visiting here, if I was to come back I'd definitely like to sample the food. Bravo!

Was not too sure what to expect with this place, met the others inside as I was a bit late and they had sat in the bar area waiting for us to arrive, after ordering some drinks we relocated to the entrance of the restaurant bit, sharing a small areas with a family having a meal on the other side of the room and an open curtain to the performance area/seating so we could hear when one of the waitresses got up to do a number. Quite a nice place and the table service was not expected but very welcomed. I would definitely like to come back on a Friday/Saturday evening to see what the atmosphere is like then.

Pub facilities / features:

Food served
Wine list
Outside seating
Singing barmaids
Amaretto and coke x2, pineapple juice x2:

Alex - 8.6
Andrew - 7.4
Dave - 7.8
Oliver - 8.0

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