Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Pig and Whistle

If you like your pubs full of blokes whom are into sports, you'll love the Pig and Whistle. Hordes of loud West-London middle-aged geezers drinking pints of larger, propping up the bar whilst cheering on football at every given opportunity. Impressive then the pub still manages to have an dry atmosphere.
Not being big fans of football we jumped on the quiz machine. We were given a simple question: 'Which of these numbers is a square root? A. 9 or B. 16'... now I'm no mathematician but when we picked answer B. we didn't expect a big fat Game Over sign to appear... what the f...? And quite difficult to prove if you wanted to contest it!
After the football ended we were left in an empty pub, with poker on the TV and some disgusting Big D pork scratchings. Probably won't be coming back.

A very large open plan pub with a bar that spans the full length of the back wall, quick service was very welcomed. The website advertises a car park but after a certain time the gates are shut and your left to find a place on the street to park. Not an issue but if you advertise a car park, surely it should be open when the pub is. Not much happened to not this evening, just the general chit chat and catch up since last week, and apart form a mathematically challenged quiz machine I cannot think of a negative point for the pub itself, but then again I find it hard to find a remarkable positive point either.

Pub facilities / features:

Food served
Bar snacks
Real ale
Pint of coke x2, amaretto & coke, crisps x2:

Alex - 4.8
Andrew - 6.5
Dave - 5.6
Oliver - 5.0

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