Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Charlie Butler

Mortlake is a strange suburb.  Many decades ago it used to have a lively high-street with its own bus station.  With that gone, the only thing left worthy of note are the half dozen public houses.
You can't normally go wrong with a Young's pub, but it was unusual to see one so empty, I expected to at least see some regulars.  But no, it was us and the barman in a room that didn't look as if it had changed since the 80's.
The barman was a peculiar chap, early twenties from up north.  Spent most of his time pouring himself pints, switching the lights on and off, and tuning the TV to a programme about violent drunken yobs clashing with police.  It worked out quite well though, the more he drank the less able he was to use the 'new till'.  At one point we got our drinks and it was ten minutes later before he came back and asked for any money.  As we left he thrusted a mobile phone in our hand, and asked us "how t' view messages on eet", then after fiddling with it, he took it back and showed us how to do it.  It was all very odd.

Pub facilities / features:

Real ale
Bar snacks
Sports screen
Outside seating
JD & coke, lemonade, J20, crisps x2, pork scratchings:

Alex - 6.3
Dave - 5.3
Oliver - ?

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