Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Bridge

Located a brief walk from Hammersmith Bridge (hence the name, duh), this modern pub has a bright, comfortable feel to it.  You're not going to be able to park round here, but you'll find it easy to make a detour from a summer walk along the Thames path.
There are a good range of beverages available, although sadly all the ales were off on our visit.  The barman seemed quite suspicious of us too, probably down to the fact we didn't have any large musical instruments or v-neck jumpers on.  There's quite a large garden at the back with patio heaters, mainly enjoyed by those who enjoy a bit of carbon monoxide.  Other than that, The Bridge isn't bad for a quick visit, no it isn't cheap, but that's not surprising located where it is.
As a side note - if you want a laugh, check out their website.  Every page is an annoying PDF, including a menu dated 'February 25rd'.  That really does give the specials menu a new meaning.

Pub facilities / features:

Food served
Bar snacks
Real ale
Outside seating
Pint of Fosters, Amaretto & coke, apple juice, passion fruit juice:

Alex - 7.2
Andrew - ?
Dave - 6.5
Oliver - 7.5

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