Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Brown Dog

This residential area of Barnes would be less claustrophobic if it was built inside a submarine.  You can't even walk a pram down the road for all the wall-to-wall parking, let alone drive a car down here.
After a head-to-head stand-off with a van, we finally found a parking space and headed towards the pub.  First thing to notice it's not really a pub, it's more of a bistro type place where you feel a bit odd only ordering drinks.  We found a dark area around the side with decaying framed photos for sale, a huge musty bookcase and a box full of various board-games.  It's a bit like one of those boxes of toys local doctors had in their waiting rooms back in the 80's, all exciting until you try and use any of the contents, then realise most of the pieces are missing and you end up throwing them on the floor in a rage.
As the name suggests, dogs are more than welcome here, which is quite bizarre with all the food coming and going.  There's a good selection of crisps and drinks, and the staff are friendly enough.  Check out the hoity-toity regulars who enjoy an endless chucklesome banter about who is better at tennis.

Pub facilities / features:

Food served
Outside seating
Dog friendly
Pint of Stiegl, amaretto & coke (double as standard), coke, apple juice:

Alex - 5.8
Andrew - ?
Dave - 6.4
Oliver - 6.0

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