Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Probably the most popular pub in Richmond. Weekends are obviously the busiest and you'll find it hard to find a seat gone 8pm. It can also get quite rowdy when the live music or sports are on, but it's in a good location, cheaper than most, staff are quite affable and the menu looks quite nice...
..I actually had a taster today - it was stuck at the bottom of my pint glass (which was far too late to see something like that), a crusty cute little green thing it was. They also lose points for not selling crisps or nuts, which is probably a way of making you buy food off the menu.
Keep an eye out for the unshaven bloke who stands at a fruit machine all year round, with a pint in one hand and bunch of quids in the other, he never takes his jacket off.

Quite a random pub this one, as I have mentioned on the Kingston Pub Guide, I am rather a fan of the O’Neill's chain of pubs and this one is no exception. The randomness of this pub is that it is quite easy to arrange to meet people and then miss them when you’re all in the same pub. This is mainly due to it having 2 entrances (3 if you count the beer garden). As Omar and I arrived we found a booth ad sat down waiting for the others to arrive, 20 minutes later we get a call asking where we are to find that Alex and Ollie had already arrived and sat down in another part of the pub. A nice large pub with a wide selection of quiet corners and overall in the traditional Irish theme. One of my favourite Richmond pubs for a while now and defiantly on the list to re-visit.

Pub facilities / features:

Food served
No snacks :(
Real Ale
Outside seating
Live music at weekends

Pint of Foster's, pint of Tetley's, J20, orange juice:

Alex - 8.0
Andrew - 9.2
Oliver - 9.0

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