Tuesday, 17 November 2009

B@1 (Be At One)

This is a typical weekend 'get pissed quick' launchpad before you go to a club. For a Tuesday it was surprisingly busy. Four girls dancing to the overly loud music with their camera phones in one hand, unlit fags and cocktails in the other, a group of guys blankly staring at their glasses not understanding how they came to be empty, and a drunk 40 year old propping up the bar, ogling over the women.
The place is tiny, I don't want to imagine how sweaty and hot it gets in there at a weekend, although they do have a basement if you really hate oxygen. Upon entering we were greeted with an overly happy "Oh hey guys! How are you! How was your day!". Yeah great, I really want to make small talk over this deafening raucous - just get me a drink! The alcoholic drinks aren't cheap if you miss happy hour and the barman sucks, thinking it's cool to juggle an empty plastic cocktail shaker. Even a ham-handed monkey could do that.
Due to the high prices and unable to make conversation, we left after one and returned to here.

This one probably shouldn't feature in our ‘Pub’ guide as it really is a bar/club than a pub/bar but it was in the list so we gave it a shot. It defiantly seems that the best time to come here is during their happy hour where its buy one get on free, because nearly £7 for a drink is a bit of a bank breaker for a Tuesday evening, on the plus side their non alcoholic drinks are reasonable if you happen to be the designated driver. We left after one round but purely because we could not afford a full night there without feeling like we should head on to a nightclub or something afterwards. Having passed this on a fri/sat evening I can vouch that it does get extremely busy and for their prices for happy hour at least I can totally see why!

Pub facilities / features:

Happy hour
Loud music
Zombie cocktail, orange juice:

£6.80 + £1.50
Alex - 6.2
Andrew - 6.9
Dave - 7.7
Oliver - 7.0

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