Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Plough

It's a quiet Tuesday, not many people to serve, but somehow we still had to wait until someone had finished telling his 'what do you call a blind deer?' joke to the barmaid before we were attended to. When we did get served, the Guinness was left half poured under the pump and she disappeared to fill up the dishwasher round the back. She did come back after 10 minutes and was confused to why we were staring, waiting with our coats still on. The barman wasn't much better, after ordering another round, he took our money and left the drinks behind the bar. It's a quiet Tuesday for god sake!
One thing did amuse me though were the menus. Black type printed on a black patterned background is a huge fail for those of us who like to use our eyes.
A nice comfortable pub with ordinary prices, it's just a shame the staff haven't got a clue.

Having arrived quite late it was not long off me getting in a round at the rather modern looking pub. I was slightly bemused when after placing the order the barman disappeared, I assumed to pour out the drinks, and then reappear a few minuted later to take payment, after cash has exchanged hand he stood there waiting for the next customer not realising I was still waiting to be given the drinks I had just purchased and after a few seconds of eye contact and the whirring of bring cogs, he remembers only after I ask him if I could take the drinks back to the table. This may sound like a long winded moan about it but unfortunately the rest of the pub did not have much else that memorable, apart form a deceptive step on the way to the bathroom that I am sure had I had at least 6 or 7 more drinks, and alcoholic ones at that, I may well have stacked it. You have been warned!

Pub facilities / features:

Food served
Bar snacks
Real ale
Outside seating
Pint of Guinness, Amaretto & coke, J20:

Alex - 6.6
Andrew - 7.0
Dave - 6.3
Oliver - 7.0

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Anonymous said...

Seems about the same price as the Victoria as we'll?